How greed and liberalism are destroying the golden state

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Fifty years ago California was a paradise where people from across the country and the world were attracted by a pleasant climate, plentiful affordable open space, and a great standard of living. Today the State has a $19 Billion Deficit and a dwindling middle class. Much of our open space has been destroyed by urban sprawl and many once middle class comminutes are now rundown gang infested slums. The State is becoming like a third world banana republic with a widening gap between rich and poor and a declining middle class.

Both Liberals and Conservatives love to point fingers at each other, as to who is responsible for the state’s mess we are in. In reality both left wing social engineering, as well as greed often defended by Republican pundits is destroying the State.

I have always considered myself someone with a strong sense of rugged individualism as well as a strong supporter of property rights. However our state has faced destructive changes that force us to re-evaluate our land use policies. The attitude of most conservatives and libertarians has traditionally been that people should be able to do what ever they please with their own property. That was fine fifty years ago before the Immigration Act of 1965 along with lax border enforcement opened the floodgates to millions of people, many of them attracted to California because of its allure and multitude of opportunities.

Policies promoted by the left and special interest such as the powerful Teachers Union have destroyed our urban schools, driving middle class families out of the cities, further contributing to urban sprawl. Corporatist interests groups that donate heavily to both political parties, as well as left wing ethnocentric advocacy groups have been some of the strongest advocates for open borders. Many members of the conservationist organization, The Sierra Club wanted the organization to recognize the affects of massive immigration on the environment. However the organizations leadership caved into political correctness and pressure from left wing advocacy groups and their Wall Street Financiers. Billionaire Financier, David Gelbaum donated 100 million dollars to change the Sierra Club’s stance on immigration.

Greed on Wall Street along with social programs promising loans to those who were unqualified has created the foreclosure crisis in suburban California as well as subsidizing unsustainable development. The combination of over development, greed, and the massive immigration advocated by both the left and big business are destroying the quality of life in our state.

Liberal areas of the state, particularly the Bay Area have elected some of the strongest advocates for open borders in the Nation. However on a local level they have done an excellent job preserving open space and the historic character of their communities. Slow growth policies coupled with higher wages has deterred the massive over population that has plagued the southern part of the state. Southern California on the contrary has elected many hard liners on immigration. However the regions reckless growth and disregard for open space and historic preservation justified by their laissez faire philosophy has spoiled the region.

I have been accused of being anti capitalist by conservatives for supporting limits on growth, as well as a xenophobe by liberals for wanting to enforce our immigration laws. Liberals must re-evaluate their support for massive immigration and the damage it is doing to the environment and working class. Conservatives must be for conserving our natural resources as much as our fiscal resources instead of what is best for a quick profit.

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