Its time to reject the Left Right Paradigm and start a Populist Revolution

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Despite the nation’s partisan and ideological divide, both major political parties are dominated by the same special interest, mainly Wall Street, as well as foreign and internationalist interest groups. There are a handful of authentic progressives as well as traditional conservatives within the two parties, but for the most part the two party’s establishments have become almost identical. The two parties are bassically two franchises of one corporation, who cater to different political demographics but are owned by the same interest.

Third Parties have attempted to offer an alternative to the two party monopoly, but have never managed to gain any traction due to lack of financing and media coverage. Most of the existing third parties cater to small ideological segments of the population. A viable independent movement must unite populist movements on both ends of the political spectrum, a very difficult task however necessary for the survival of the Republic.

Both the liberal and conservative establishments love to create scapegoats to gain political capital from and to keep us distracted and divided. For the left it is generally right wing white males who the President demonized while campaigning in Pennsylvania. For the right it is liberals and so called “Islamo Fascist”. Both fail to address the big picture and our silent about the agenda of the globalist elites who are plundering our nations wealth and selling out its sovereignty to the highest bidder. Most prominent politicians of both major parties are members of the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations and are bought off by lobbyist. The Obama administration is just a continuation of Bush’s corporatist economic policy of bailing out elite bankers while middle class jobs are being shipped overseas thanks to our unfair trade agreements and not enforcing our immigration laws. Obama’s cabinet is filled with pro Israel hawks who are pursuing a hard-line position in the Middle East favored by the Neocons over the interest of his anti-war base. If Obama gets us into another war or continues the current war it will challenge the left wing domination of the anti-war movement that has existed since the Vietnam era.

Independent and Populist figures on both the left and the right such as Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul are beginning to sound a lot a like. Nader in an interview with Pat Buchanan stated the need to for a limit on massive immigration and tried to reach out to Populist across the aisle. Thought crime bill H.R. 1955 was opposed by some of the most liberal members of congress such as Dennis Kucinich as well as the most conservatives such as Dana Rohrabacher, while supported by the majority of congress. Pat Buchanan’s Paleoconservative Publication the American Conservative has expressed concern over what were once thought of as progressive causes such as factory farming and urban sprawl. Populist on the left and the right have found common ground on ending the wars in the middle east, opposing the Patriot Act, a sound currency policy, unfair trade policies, and the bailouts of Wall Street.

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