Support for open borders contradicts environmentalism

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Our current immigration policy, both legal and illegal are adding approximately 2 Million people a year to our nation’s population and we are expected to have a half a billion people by mid century. Many of these new citizens will be concentrated in the southwest where water resources are becoming scarce. Much of our wilderness is being destroyed by Urban Sprawl, caused by massive population growth. Why are so many environmentalists refusing to address the impact massive immigration is having on the environment?

Some of the earliest advocates for conservation in American history were President Teddy Roosevelt and later Charles Lindbergh, both of whom were American Nationalists. Since the 1960’s, The left has dominated the environmentalist movement. The same 60’s liberals who claimed the issue as their own also saw a liberal immigration policy as part of their social justice agenda. They supported LBJ in signing the immigration act of 1965, which has had a massive impact on Population Growth. Since than the left has had a monopoly on the issue and made it taboo to link the affects that massive immigration has had on the environment. They have gone out of their way to demonize anyone who is for restricting immigration as a racist or xenophobe.

The line that liberals and globalist use when confronted by the fact that immigration has had on the environment is that it is simply a transfer of people from one part of the world to another. However they fail to acknowledge that by adopting an American life style, immigrants are greatly increasing their impact on the environment as well as dramatically increasing our nation’s population. Despite the bias in the movement many Environmentalists Support Immigration Reform, the most significant organization being the Federation for American Immigration Reform , which has gained support across the political spectrum ranging from conservative GOP congressman Brian Bilbray to anti-war liberal icon Eugene McCarthy.

Both political parties are out of touch with the American people on these issues. The democrats as well as corporatist republicans have been advocates for massive immigration, while the GOP and the mainstream conservative movement have failed to address the issue of conservation, dismissing it as a liberal issue, only reinforcing the left’s monopoly on the environment. Both parties are backed by corporatist who have no regard for neither the environment nor American sovereignty and lobby for open borders along with the liberal elites. Americans who believe in national sovereignty, secure borders, and who have a concern for our environment are a large segment of the electorate who have been ignored by both major political parties and we need to make our voices heard.

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