Robert Stark writes as the “LA Nonpartisan Examiner” for the Examiner.com, is host of the Stark Truth Show on the Voice of Reason Radio Nework, and is an artist. He follows follows a Third Positionist Ideology rejecting both the left and the right. He is an America-First, Populist, Constitutionalist, Non-intervientionist, who is for localized government and economy, and a supporter of conservation, historic preservation, and animal rights.

He strongly opposes globalism, authoritarism, mass immigration, multi-culturalism, cultural marxism, political correctness, consumerism, feminism, war mongering, finance capitalism, and neoconservatism. He is a race realist who supports the right to self determination for all the worlds peoples and supports American Patriots of all ethnic backgrownds who will take a stand against the oligarchist who seek to destroy our Republic.

Some of his political heroes are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Lindbergh, Huey Long, Father Coughlin, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and James Traficant.


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